Children's & Baby Clothing Size Chart

Baby's clothes have to be cosy and loose-fitting, so it doesn't restrict their movements; at the same time the clothes can't be too big. The clothes have to be comfortable for the baby to wear, and convenient for the parents to dress the child. Baby's clothes should be made of natural fabrics like cotton.

Clothing sizes

A baby's clothes size usually depends on their length. Many baby clothes manufacturers use baby's age on the label rather than the size.
Please refer to the chart that shows average height and weight for each age to find the size that would be most suitable for your child.
When choosing the hat please note that the size is the head circumference.

A height-weight chart based on age:

 AgeHeight (cm.)    Weight (kg.)   Clothing size  Double sizes
newborns50-543-3,5 5650/56
 3 months58-62 5-5,5 6256/62
  6 months63-687-8 6862/68
  9 months69-748-9 7468/74
  12 months 75-809-11  8074/80 
  18 months 81-86 10,5-12,5  8686/92 
 2 years87-92 12-14,5 9286/92
 3 years93-9813,5-15  98 98/104
 4 years 99-10415-18 104 98/104

  • It is better to choose a larger size, for example, a 3-month-old baby can definitely buy clothes that are in size 68,
    because in the first year the baby grows very fast.


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